There She Glows Spray Tan is a mobile spray tanning company that comes to you and provides you with a gorgeous, sexy looking tan for 7-10 days, which compliments your natural skin tone instead of turning you orange.

Our solution is all natural & organic DHA, FDA approved which fades like a real suntan without the damaging effects of UV rays. The negative press of UV and SUN tanning and the general public’s increasing desire to look their best has launched what is to be the biggest trend to have hit the beauty industry. Spray tanning is the latest form of tanning and has increased in popularity.

Give your body a healthy glow without the risks!

What I do

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​*Purified Water
*Eco Cert DHA (Best you can get)
*Eco Cert Aloe Vera (Also best and highest concentrated form      of Aloe Vera)
*White Tea Extract (many benefits to this ingredient, also      helps with new skin growth for younger looking skin)
*Erythrulose ( 2nd Natural tanning agent which is clinically         proven, when, combined with DHA makes the tan last longer      and fade MUCH more evenly than a formula with straight DHA)
*Coffee Bean Extract
*Phenoxyyethenol (Natural preservative)
*Grape Fruit Seed Extract (Natural preservative/ Antioxidant)
*Glycerine (99.9% kosher and plant derived) This is the key          ingredient to lock in hydration an added extra soft feel to the      skin after the spray
*Cosmetic Pigments (FD and C colors for bronzers) 

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